Guitar Tricks Lessons Review

When learning guitar, the quality of the lessons that you will take up will determine ease of playing and the length of time required to make a decent tune. If you cannot handle the cost and the hassle of dealing with a tutor, you should take up online guitar lessons. The course can be covered at your own convenience, and you will learn at your ideal pace. One of the great guitar lessons that you should consider choosing is the Guitar Tricks course. This choice will provide you a suitable and effective learning experience whether you are a beginner or intermediate learner. Here is a brief Guitar Tricks Lessons review to help you understand the features better.

Best Guitar Tricks Lessons Review

Over 8000 Lessons

The guitar is a complex instrument with great musical potential. Therefore, if you want to become a master, you will have to continually learn new aspects, techniques and tricks. Guitar Tricks stands out from alternatives because there are over 8000 lessons to help you understand the intricacies of guitar playing from the get go. These lessons consist primarily of expertly recorded tutorials with an instructor who will cover diverse topics. The main advantage of this feature is that people who already know how to play the guitar can learn from this and continue to grow.

Practice and Quizzes

When one is learning any new subject, you cannot assume that you have grasped a lesson after reading the material or listening to the instructor. For this reason, Guitar Tricks has incorporated practice exercises and quizzes to help you determine whether you have really understood the concept covered. For example, a lesson will cover a playing topic such as fret movement or specific chords. After this, you will be provided with songs which will allow you to practice the topic. In addition, you can choose the option to take the available quizzes to test your growth.

Numerous Songs

You can learn some great songs through Guitar Tricks, and there are over 500 options to consider. In general, this is twice as many as provided by alternative courses. There are popular songs from The Beatles, Pearl Jam and Jim Hendrix. The songs have individual tutorials to help you learn faster. Therefore, choosing this method is more effective than learning from written chords.

Trial Period and Basic Membership

Guitar Tricks has both basic membership and full access membership, so you can choose the most appropriate for your situation. When you initially sign up, you will be given two weeks of access to all the content on the course. After this, you can decide whether to sign up for the premium membership. Full access membership will allow you to learn from all the lessons and tutorials. There are also useful tools incorporated, including technique reference library, tuner, a metronome and the jam station. You can also communicate with other community members and enjoy an ad-free experience. Most of these features are unavailable or limited in the basic membership, and you will only be able to access 24 lessons.


The Guitar Tricks course is not perfect; navigating the content is difficult and new songs are not added frequently. However, the lessons are useful and relatively easy to understand, particularly in comparison to other methods.


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